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DNS @ Cultsha Expo

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the arts at the Science Museum on Saturday.  Below are links to several o fthe software packages we either demonstrated or discussed with those that stopped by.  These are either very inexpensive or in most cases free open source software than will help unlock your creative potential. 

Please note that DNS does not produce or benefit in any way from the use of the software below.  These links are provided to increase access and awareness of tools that rival more expensive commercial software for a fraction of the cost (or in many cases at no cost whatsoever).

3D Modeling Programs:

Blender3D - 3D Modeling Application

Desktop Publishing:

Scribus - Free Desktop Publishing Software

Vector Graphics:

Inkscape - Vector Graphics Software

Photo Editing Software:

PAINT.NET - Picture / Photo Editing Application

GimpShop - Opensource GIMP Photo Editing Software
** Installs Yahoo Toolbar Along with Gimpshop

Music Editing Software:

Audacity - Music Editing / Mixing Software

Office / Productivity Software:

LibreOffice - Free Office Suite

OpenOffice - Free Office Suite from Apache



The DNS Sponsored Minecraft Server Address:




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